Is Wednesday lucky for you?

Pretty girl!
Pretty girl!

According to Facespace, Wednesday is my lucky day of the week!  Who knew?  Not me, that’s for sure.  Other fun facts include that my birth flower is the carnation and my birth tree is the elm.  Neat!  I could have gone without finding out the estimated day I was conceived but that date is now forever seared in my brain and I’ll have to deal with that on my own time.  It’s fitting then that my lucky day would produce a well-crafted post today. Sike!


I have to be at work at 7:30 AM sharp which means I leave my apartment at 7:35 AM sharp.  To get me in the mood for business I like to pick a song that I sing loudly and badly on the ride there.  Today the song du jour was courtesy of The Postal Service.  I was really jamming out and in the zone.  Turns out I was also about five feet away from some school age children who apparently didn’t appreciate my rendition of “Nothing Better” nearly as much as I did.  Whatever.  Kids are stupid.


Fall is in the air and that means one thing and one thing only-T saur’s sporting his sweet ass suits again.  He puts them away in the summer months I guess because cheap polyester doesn’t breathe that well.  The falling mercury has once again allowed him to dress for his administrative support position to the nines!  His hair is gelled a bit more “Mad Men” (but not ironically or cool), the cufflinks’ faux diamonds shine a bit more brilliantly and his gold pinky rings are that much jazzier. God I love this time of year!


I still hate my neighbor.  We have now moved from just a regular fall wreath to one that yells “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” at me every time I come and go.  Doesn’t she know Halloween is a pagan holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated unless one wants to burn in the fiery depths of hell for all of eternity?  I guess she’s never heard of a little something called the Rapture either. To combat her sinful ways I’m hanging a “Jesus Died for your Sins” sign on my door and a “My Boss is  a Jewish Carpenter” bumper sticker on my car. 


The more I think about  me overdrawing my account this week the more of a badass I am convinced I am. You guys-it totally was kind of my fault!  Apparently “free checking” doesn’t mean you get free checks. You have to pay for them!  Furthermore if your expenses exceed your income then yeah, you’re going to bounce some shit and they’re going to charge you for that.  The fact that I sweet talked that bank representative to not only remove the insufficient fund fees but the checks to boot really makes me think I should be in politics.  I mean! TLW for Governor! I won’t do jack shit but will be pretty sassy doing it!


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