Just Google it!

Coco, one of my 24 semi-feral cats, likes to internet, too!
Coco, one of my 24 semi-feral cats, likes to internet, too!


Every day Occasionally I like to see what people search to get to good old Café Darkness. I’ve done this before but it never ceases to entertain, amaze and gross me the hell out to see what people will actually search for on the Internets.  Below are some of my current favorites.


Pretty lady smokes Why yes, yes we do and yes we are.  Thanks for noticing!


I’m calling 911 shawty  Okay, but let me put my pot away first.


Smoking while running  Good luck with that. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.


Barista + Lone Wolf  Yep, that’s us!  Now just remember the name of the actual blog and you’ll be good to go.  Tip: If you like it, just bookmark it.


Tarzan sex fucks Jane You’re disgusting. 


What to do when you turn 29  How the hell would we know? We’re 30.


Half a Sheet Cake  I swear to God someone searches this every single day. Why? 


Name your amoeba  You’re rad.  


I think I love ABBA  It’s cool. Don’t fight it.


Hamburgler.  Awesome.


5 Ways to Become Super Sexy  If you’re googling “5 Ways to Become Super Sexy” it’s going to take way more than five things you need to change. Just sayin’.


Andy and her dog  Weird. Andy is my ex hubber’s name but he isn’t a she and he doesn’t have a dog anymore because I took ‘em! Holler!  


How to make the darkness on your Virginia  Obviously English is not this person’s first language so I’ll just let this one be.


And the best one yet is…….(wait for it)…….(wait for it)……(let the suspense build)……..


Hangover Lone Wolf  Holy Mary mother of God how did they know? Whoever this person is I love you.  If you’re a cab driver, I’ll marry you.  Immediately.


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