The Best and Worst of 2009

Because Café Darkness is not one to follow tradition we are creating a Best and Worst of 2009 list in November.  We reserve the right to update the list as soon as a celebrity dies or another city council member gets a DUI.  We’re confident in our November list because we already know what the holidays will bring us: indulgence, binges without purges and plenty of time off (read: plenty of time to get up to no good).  

Best Richmond Controversy: We’re going with Obama as the Joker thanks to the always douchey Sam Moore. Amiright?! Runner up?  Ukropalypse Now.

Worst Richmond Controversy: TWO WAY TIE! What to name a baseball team and Andy Jenks v. Robin Starr.

Best Worst Song: “Kiss me Through the Phone”. 

Worst Worst Song: TLW hates everything brought by the Black Eyed Peas in 20—–uh, hi.  Barista’s happy for TLW  and all, but everyone knows that Miley Cyrus had the worst worst song of 2009.   

Best NBC12 Moment:  TWO WAY TIE! the absolutely stunning and breathtaking Gene Cox retrospective aired during his last 11:00 newscast. (pass the tissues, please). Too close to call was Andy Jenks’ McLovin vandal story.  Classic Jenks! 

Worst NBC12 Moment:  Terrell Brown-the man who brought snow angels to live television in three inches of snow off Midlothian Turnpike in hip high rubber boots and then forgetting his microphone was on before totally going for it oh my god I can’t believe what I’m seeing-leaving NBC12.  You are missed!

Best Drunk Moment: TWO WAY TIE! Getting locked in a room for an hour with B to earn 30 bones and that rad VCU student who saved the day.  (Barista is going with singing Happy Special Divorce Day to TLW in front of a very large, badge-wearing audience)

Worst Drunk Moment:  While there are many contenders, we’re sad to report that the best of the worst is yet to come.  Hello, Thanksgiving….

Best Purchase: Billy Mays on July 18th, 2009

Worst Purchase:  Furlough Days.  No thanks.

Best Decision:  Turning Thursdays to the new Fridays which used to be the old Thursdays before they went back to Fridays. 

Worst Decision:  Watching “My Secret Girlfriend” two weeks ago. Worst. Show. Evah.

Best semi-feral cat acquisition: Mr. Paws.

Worst semi-feral cat acquisition:   Little Jerry Seinfeld.  He is not nearly as cool as I thought he would be.  (Follow up post coming soon to a blog near you!).    

Best new blog: We hate to vote for ourselves here but duh, it has to be Cafe Darkness.  OMGWTFRVA may be smarter and funnier than us, but you know, Cafe Darkness probably spent more money on booze and cabs.  That’s got to mean something, right?

Worst new blog:  Again, it’s got to be Cafe Darkness.  Who the hell do we think we are?


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