A Retraction!

*We respectfully request you please play the accompanying music while you read this post in order to get the full experience. Thank you. 
Cafe Darkness takes journalistic integrity very seriously.  Therefore when we erroneously publish something and this error is brought to our attention, we rectify the situation immediately.  Recently I discussed my Top Five Irritations. Included in that top five was Daylight Savings Time, something I still don’t fully understand. Are we in it now? No? We were?  I can’t remember.  Regardless, I inadvertently misrepresented my opponent’s position.  If you recall, I stated that their main argument for the implementation of  DST was to save electricity.  Apparently this was not 100% accurate.  Their argument was that DST helped, and I’m quoting here, “People in factories”.  I apologize for the error and thank you for the tacos last night.

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