Meade’s Record Release Party!

It was a big weekend musically in the RVA.  Meade Skelton-Richmond’s own Man of Mystery played at his record release party on Saturday night.  At a church. I mean!  I would have turned into a pillar of salt!  Even though the CD could not attend the show plenty of other Richmond bloggers about town went and, from I hear, the show was a hit!  He even played my favorite song, “Sweet Tea” twice. Double trouble!  Read OMGWTFRVA’s review of the show here
I’m not sure what it is about Meade that makes him, as Barista says, like catnip, but we love him and we can’t get enough.  His love for sugar, Nicole Kidman and Mama’s Family have us intrigued.  Even if you don’t agree with his politics (which I don’t) if you aren’t reading about all things Meade then you’re missing out.  Fingers crossed Meade plays somewhere-anywhere-in the RVA soon so I can see “Sweet Tea” live! 

3 thoughts on “Meade’s Record Release Party!

  1. Thanks for the info about the record release party. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog while searching for something.

    Since its relevant here and you might find it fun/useful. I also wanted to give a plug for a site Ive been working on that helps people share songs with their friends. Its built on top of Facebook and YouTube. Its free, easy and there’s no account signup. Login with Facebook. Check it out if you get a chance. Hope you like it!

  2. This Meade guy is quite a character. Twitter is so a buzz all week about him. I listened to some of his songs on You Tube. Its not quite my style of music, but he is quite talented. Hes awfully cute, too!

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