Ooh, the flossy, flossy


Listen up, ladies of Richmond.  In certain parts of the country, our reputation is well-known and widely recognized; free from the blemishes a day spent on the links at CCV or hollering at RIR could bring.  In fact, I am in one of those places today.  The town has a charm that can best be summed up by the local cable channel programming, which features episodes of The 700 Club followed by The Hills followed again by The 700 Club a few times a day.  It kind of makes sense.  I would need to call on Jesus for strength if The Hills were in syndication in Richmond.

 Anywho, I went tripping merrily down the street this afternoon when an elderly woman stopped me and asked if I am from Richmond.  I gave her my debutant smile (sike) and said, “why yes, I am from Richmond”!  I asked the older woman how in the world she knew I was from the RVA, and no shit, she said “You’ve got that high-heeled Richmond walk.  You all wear the same high heels and you have a walk.  I knew you were from Richmond two blocks ago”.  

She carried on across the street and was gone before I thought to offer  to buy her badass a woo woo.


6 thoughts on “Ooh, the flossy, flossy

  1. Strange. This would make more sense if this interaction happened in another city. It doesn’t make sense that she was talking about someting being a characteristic from here when YOU ARE HERE. Richmond is the only place I’ve ever lived that you aren’t from here if you weren’t born here. It’s oddly insular here in that way. If I go to another city and someone asks where I’m from, I say Richmond, because that’s where I live.

  2. where did you find my picture? am i entitled to royalties? ps–you borrowed these shoes for that dinner at the club (i mean da club) last week. please return them.

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