An Open Letter to Meade Skelton

Dear Mr. Skelton,

We at Cafe Darkness are huge fans.  Well, not literally huge, we’re actually kind of petite, but we’re very big fans in the most figurative sense of that word.  We are also loyal fans.  By loyal fans, I mean we discovered your music about a month ago and we haven’t been able to stop listening since!  I don’t think that TLW and I have spent so much time talking about anything ever before, except for maybe her feral cats behavioral issues or Lady Gaga.  The point is, we have chatted you up so much that all of our friends now know you and love your music too.  Your fan base grows daily!

We need to know when you are playing next.  We understand that you have declined several invitations to appear at Tweetsgving next Tuesday.  Maybe it just wasn’t enough notice to fit with your schedule.  But we have a sneaking suspicion that you may not want to play next Tuesday…if that’s the case, let us assure you that you will be playing in front of the nicest group of hipsters hipster-bloggers blogger hipsters scoooter riders PBR drinking hipsters aarrggh Richmonders around.  Everyone wants more Meade! 

If you play at Tweetsgiving, your performance may even boost the local economy!  If you won’t do it for your fans, will you do it for the economy?  We don’t want to beg, but pretty pretty please with a cherry on top of your Twinkie please please please play at Tweetsgiving. 

If you can’t answer the Tweetsgiving call of duty, please post your show schedule soon.

In awe,

Cafe Darkness



5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Meade Skelton

  1. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I really do appreciate all the support from people . I was recently made aware of all the buzz on twitter and other social networking sites. It sure fills my heart to over flowing! I sure do wish I could make Tweetsgiving, but unfortunately, I have a prior commitment. My manager has talked with the nice lady in charge, and I will donate cds and records that will be signed up for auction. I really love charitable causes.

    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. It was very sweet of you, dear.

    All the best!

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