A Moment with Cafe Darkness

An email exchange from the ladies of CD.  Always ladylike, we keep our disagreements civil and find resolutions that are mutually satisfying.  Except for when TLW is sweet on her cab driver and the Barista starts bitching about the meter.  Or whenever Walmart or the Black Eyed Peas are mentioned.  In those instances,  truth bombs are thrown with no mercy.

B: Are you here? 

T: I’m back from lunch now! What’s up? 

B: I wanted to go smoke at Penny Lane.  You know, for old times sake.

 T: Dang.  There’s always after work….

 B: Was going to fitness @ 5:30 and would need a shower…

 T: Well just let me know! I lunch timed fitnessed so I’m free and clear.

 B: Did you really just let my dilemma between fitness and smoking go unchecked? 

 T: Jesus Christ-what was I thinking?  Mea culpa!

 B: You should be ASHAMED of yourself.

 B: All caps usage intentional.

 T: I read that with EMPHASIS so good job. I am ashamed of myself. Promise to never speak of this again nor tell anyone? 

 B: I’m going to go blog it on the mountain.  O’re the hills and every where.  Unless…

 T: Oh dear. I am frightened. What do you require? IN MY DEFENSE I was in the middle of working on the budget-which is tedious and mathy. I know it’s not an excuse but it’s an explanation

B:  Unless you walk with me to the market and smoke one in Penny Lane.   Let’s schedule an uber urgent meeting in Outlook.  How do I access the high importance font?

PS – Nice work on the bolded caps.  I am supremely irritated.

 T: Counter offer: I will give you a donation and we smoke outside.  The reason for my counter offer is that I have a meeting at three that I just realized and need to get ready for. I can come down post haste!

 B: Deal


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