Divorce. It does a blog good!

I don't know. Ask him!

Over the past week the number one search term to bring readers to the CD has been “divorce”.  Like 50 plus people a day.  Every day.  I know….right?  The post they link to is  “Congratulations on your Recent Dissolution of Marriage”  which is ironic since it has absolutely nothing to do with divorce, but rather my excuse to go out drinking because it was my Special Divorce Day. 

I almost feel bad for those out there searching the lonely internets in hopes of finding some words of wisdom and then stumbling upon our blog, which offers no guidance whatsoever to those confused, sad souls.  I can only hope that the excitement I felt on June 25, 2009 can somehow give them strength that one day they too can go out and get inappropriately drunk on a school night and light a sombrero on fire in front of a police officer without reprieve. Shit, if they’re lucky maybe the King of Pop will die that day forever reminding you of the best of your life each and every year upon the anniversary on his death. Oh wait.  That was my special divorce day!  How sad for you.  Here’s to the Man in the Mirror!


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