Judy Maxi is a Badass

also totally badass

“The governor does not pay my bills. In fact, I pay his bills and his paycheck”.  Judy Maxi, 11/30/09

Exhibit A:  She owns a lounge.  She. Owns. A. Lounge.  A lounge named Caddy’s.   Thinking about this place makes me want to put on a jean jacket (stone-washed with lots of safety pins) feather my hair and beg my husband to please take me to Caddy’s where we can have a few whiskey sours and slow-dance to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi songs all night.  Barista dreams of running away….   

Exhibit B:  She refuses to comply with the smoking ban.  The true badass manuever was taking it to WTVR to broadcast her distaste for the state legislature.  I mean!  She completely bypassed Gene Cox and went to CBS?!?!  You are absolutely a badass if you do not tremble to be in Gene Cox’s presence.  (For reals, I sat next to him at lunch at Homemade’s by Suzanne on October 5 and stared intensely at the side of his head for 45 minutes.  I wanted to take a picture with him to make TLW super jealous, but I would have been more comfortable bum-rushing Prince Harry).  And Judy went to WTVR.  I’m dying ovah here!

Exhibit C:  For every $25 smoking ban fine she pays, she’s probably going to pick up an extra $50 in sales.  So by breaking the law, she is going to make way more money over time.  Badass, right?  Who else can say that?  Drug dealers?  Bookies?  Pharmaceutical companies?  Dick Cheney?  AIG?  I think not.


3 thoughts on “Judy Maxi is a Badass

  1. I actually have been kicked out of Caddies 3 or 4 times. My mom also used to take me there when I was like 10 years old.

    That place is a dive, but on an awesome note, they have karaoke, 7 nights a week. Whaaaaa???

    Let’s all take a field trip one night and I’ll show you the south sizzle.

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