What’s the weather like up there on your moral high horse?

Unpopular opinion alert (i.e. don’t hate me, y’all!): I have been trying my hardest to remain diplomatic about the smoking ban since it was announced earlier this year. Even though I do enjoy my lady smokes, I can see the other point of view and respect other people’s opinions-unless it involves you telling me evolution does not exist. Then you’re just crazy. 

I did and still do find it to be utterly and completely ridiculous that the government is telling private business owners that a LEGAL ACT  is prohibited in their own establishment, but I voted for the guy who put the legislation into action so I feel partially responsible. I wonder if the people who voted for George Bush feel responsible for the war in Iraq? Probably not, but that’s beside the point.

I can understand why some people may not want to be around cigarette smoke when at a bar or restaurant.  No, really.  I. Get. It.  There is no need to tell me how much you hate your clothes smelling like smoke ever again. 10-4.  Over and out.  If those who disliked smoking in restaurants would simply leave it at, “I don’t prefer it” and then drop it, I would be less begrudging in my acceptance of the new law.  But every time I see someone getting on their moral high horse and applauding this clear violation of the government’s intrusiveness on private business I really, REALLY want to light up a cigarette and blow it right in their face. Don’t worry, though. I won’t, because I’m a true, Southern lady. I’ll just insult your purse or scarf, bless your heart.


3 thoughts on “What’s the weather like up there on your moral high horse?

    1. That’s just ’cause those were on sale at the Smoke Shack off 360. My poison of choice is Virginia Ultra Slim Menthol 100’s. They’re so slim and minty it’s like giving a bj to a leprachaun. Oh wait, did i just say that?

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