Cafe Darkness Holiday Quiz!

Que fantástico!

The Year of Best Practices is drawing to a close.  Year end is a great time to look back on the past twelve months and take stock to see what areas you have excelled in and where you need improvement for 2010.  Use the quiz below to see how far you have progressed this year!

1-You are invited to a company Christmas “pot luck” luncheon.  How do you respond?

a) You reply “will attend” post haste.  Any time the company arranges a get together for employees it is a good time.  Who doesn’t like hearing about near stranger’s holiday plans to visit Grandma in Iowa?  I mean!

b)  Apathetic indifference.  It will be a stain but you will attend in order to avoid getting the stink eye from co workers.

c)  Accept and then realize a week later that if your company can’t afford to provide food for you then you can’t either and promptly decline. Stop stealing my money!

2-The recent smoking ban has affected your life in the following ways:

 a)      With excitement!  Smelling other people’s cigarette smoke is not fair to others around them, why should I reek of smoke when I am trying to enjoy my meal, etc, etc, ad nauseam into infinity. 

b)      Even though you don’t necessarily agree with it you will abide by it. Plus also, think of the children.

c)      Total. Stain.  You immediately began searching for restaurants badass enough to flip the bird to Tim Kaine and are now a frequent patron of said establishments.

3-For some strange reason you stayed in on Saturday night waking up nice and refreshed early on Sunday morning.  What do you do with your day?

 a)      You use this time to do a thorough cleaning of your house, pay bills and visit elderly relatives at a nursing home.

b)      Watch a Law and Order marathon.

c)      A bit of fitness in the AM followed by mimosa brunch to congratulate yourself for your responsible behavior on Saturday night.

 4-You meet some friends for dinner with the intention of going home immediately afterwards.  You actually end of doing what?

a)      Go home after dinner. Duh. 

b)      Stay for one after dinner cocktail and then hit the road.

c)      Go to Babe’s where you shake what your mamma gave you and tell older ladies the ingredients in a Woo Woo.

5-These tough economic times have forced many people to cut expenses.  What is the one thing you will not cut out your budget?

a)      Contributing to your 401(k). Saving for retirement is crucial and most Americans are not saving enough. Do you have any idea how much health care costs will be once you retire?!

b)      Your daily trip to Starbucks. Life without an upside down venti triple mocha latte chai tea is not worth living!

c)      Your cocktail allowance.  Life without a glass of Pinot with the ladies is not worth living!

Bonus Question: What do the Holidays mean to you?

a)      A time to spend with family appreciating all of your blessings.

b)      A time to spend attending a couple of parties in your fancy new Christmas dress.

c)      A time to spend either in bed or at the bar.  Due to your company’s excessive furlough you have more time off than many college students.  Cheers!

The results:

Mostly A’s. Why do you read this blog?

Mostly B’s. You’re practically worse than Mostly A’s! You a have a strong inclination to being rad but are a total d bag instead.  Lame. 

Mostly C’s.  You are awesome. Don’t change a thing.


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