Christmas Wednesday Randoms!

T saur is wearing a particularly striking outfit today.  The shirt says, “Danny Tanner from Full House” :

but the vest says, “David Alan Grier from In Living Color”:

Apologies to anyone under the age of 25 who has to Google those references.

Clearly, it’s a winning look.  The red cotton shirt paired with the tan sateen vest screams, “Christmas Cheer”!  And why shouldn’t it? Today is our department’s Christmas Potluck Luncheon and T made stuffing in his Crockpot.  Yes, you read that correctly. Stuffing. In a Crockpot.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the luncheon because I have other things to do like anything but going to that luncheon.  I hope everyone gets food poisoning. JK. Not everyone

My employee review went exactly as planned with no raise for 2010.  Whoot!  “You’re a four-star employee! You’re great! You’re a hard worker and I wish I could compensate you for that!”  I sat there with apathetic dead eyes.  Making the same salary since 2008 is neat and all but it’s time for TLW to move on.  The job hunt is on in full effect.  I think I am more excited to quit this place than start a new job that I will surely hate within months but the anticipation of telling Steal Your Soul, Inc. to suck a fat one is enough to make me want to do a little jig right at my desk!   

Christmas is next Friday and I have yet to purchase one gift for anyone on my list.  I also have yet to send out Christmas cards or decorate. I’m thinking the last two are not going to happen, but I really should start thinking about shopping.  Good thing 7-11 is open 24 hours a day and on Christmas. Taquitos, Sparks and condoms for everybody!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Wednesday Randoms!

  1. I’ve bought Christmas cards every year for the past five years and have yet to send any. What’s rather perplexing is that the box of unopened cards always seems to vanish the following year… This year I was all set with a box of vintage European cards from Bellwood flea market… But then I realized the date after reading your post. Think I still have time to send them out given the stain of asking every single person for their address?

  2. Im sorry you didnt like my version of Imagine. My voice is not well because I was battling a really bad chest cold this last few weeks. I know its not for everyone. Im very sorry it made your ears bleed.

    God Bless!

    1. It’s quite alright, Meade. The Beatles are just hard to rewrite, you know? I do love me some Sweet Tea and Hipsters Ruin Everything, though!

  3. I mean no offense, but I consider the Beatles highly overrated. Besides, John Lennon wasnt the Beatles, he was John Lennon. Most of their music was pretentious and trite. I much prefer Patsy Cline. Paul McCartney who I cant stand either, at least his music was bright and cheery.

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