Best Week Ever?

And God bless us, everyone! (Even Republicans!)

This week is coming up all aces for TLW.  The Year of Aquarius is going out with a bang and while I’ll be sad to see it go, Jupiter in my house of good fortune is neat-o.  Below are the top five favorite things of this week:

1-T Saur working from home.  Yesterday T Saur’s computer broke beyond repair and this morning puppy dog angels flew down from heaven with gilded wings of gold and blessed with me the news he will be working from home today.  The man, the myth and the legend who refuses to take a day off even when he’s not getting paid for it will not be here today. If there was a hobo next to me right now I would slap him five and buy him a 40. 

2-The Jersey Shore.  On Monday I talked about the spectacle that is The Jersey Shore and it is on tonight, folks! It’s an entire hour of fist pumpin’ awesomeness.  I mean! 

3-Smoking Like a Lady.  Barista and I enjoy smoking like ladies which does not include freezing outside in the dead of winter.  Discovering bars where we can do this has become my new pastime.  Penny Lane and Joe’s Inn are two favorites.  (You’re welcome PL and Joe’s. I take all donations in the form of red wine).  Militant non smokers need not apply. 

4-Peanut Butter Fudge.  To whomever brought in the delectable tray of peanut butter fudge and then placed it where no one but me could find it, thank you. Why did you hide that deliciousness by a printer no one uses?  Did you know I was hunting for free sweet treats yesterday? Did you know I love you?  Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my dia-bee-tus ridden heart.

5-Skipping Company Christmas Parties.  Yesterday I broke bad all over this mothafucka and skipped out on my department Christmas Potluck.  Instead of talking to people I don’t like I went to the gym and had a fantastic fitness session. When my manager asked me why I didn’t attend I gave her puppy dog eyes and said I couldn’t afford to contribute a dish. I’m Tiny Tim up in this piece!


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