McDonnell, VDOT struggle with budget woes in a weakening econ-ohmyshit it’s cold outside.

The statue formerly known as the Arthur Ashe monument encased in a tomb of ice

RICHMOND, VA-Governor elect Bob McDonnell and the Virginia Department of Transportation’s recent attempts to cut expenses reflect the weakening economy’s affect on holy crap have you been outside yet today?  In an attempt to cut expenses, McDonnell announced he would cut salaries of all Cabinet secretaries and his own to save money and I’m sorry it’s just I can’t feel my hands.  In addition to temporarily cutting salaries, McDonnell plans to create a task force to discover potential cost savings to the state.  Furthermore, I think I may have frostbite. 

The Virginia Department of I Hate Arctic Blasts Transportation will lay off 678 workers this week. The layoff will complete the final round of did you hear it’s going to be this cold all week layoffs that started last February.  The agency is shifting its focus from building new highways to it’s the goddamn wind that’s the sonofabitch maintaining the state’s existing roadways.  VDOT hopes the streamlined staff will allow the agency to be more efficient in the coming years that is if any of survive this godforsaken winter that has only just begun, you know.

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2 thoughts on “McDonnell, VDOT struggle with budget woes in a weakening econ-ohmyshit it’s cold outside.

  1. This weather makes me feel like I’m on vacation and rather vindicated in my recent thirsts for fluffly fur scarfs, floppy-eared pillow hats and a stiff Hot Toddy (with brandy and/or whiskey). I’ll send you a picture postcard from the NY Deli photo machine…

    1. That machine rarely works but if you can, by happenstance, snap of photo of yourself in a pillow hat with a Hot Toddy the CD would gladly post it.

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