Wednesday randoms!

I'm solid as a rock!

Café Darkness decreed 2010 as the Year of Not My Problem earlier than any other year before it.  Barista called 2010 a preemie yesterday, but a healthy and viable preemie nonetheless!  The normal process includes weeks, if not months, of batting different options around. Debates can be intense.  We drink on it. We smoke on it.   Sometime in mid to late February the Year is decreed. This year was different.  Blame it on the alcohol.  Or the economy.  Or on all of the celebrity deaths of 2009. More than likely it’s because we are ovah it in every sense of the word. Regardless, it’s not really our problem now, is it?

This morning I took my dogs to the groomer.  One of my boys is a bit…how do I put this delicately…..“solid”.  Scooter is not fat; he’s just a bit husky. Anywhoos, as I was handing him to the groomer she had the nerve to say, “Oh my, what a big boy!”  Then Scooter snorted like a pig thus reinforcing her assertion that he’s a fatty!  I was mortified!  I countered that he is not fat, just big boned at which point she laughed. It looks like Scoots is starting a fitness regimen STAT that does not involve him eating dirt and licking his paws for an hour each night.  Sorry, Scoots-you gots to be fit!

After talking about how he was going to pack his lunch for two straight years, T Saur finally brought his own lunch in-brown bag and all. He was beaming from ear to ear when he pimp walked in.  Refusing to acknowledge him, I simply turned away.  Of course that never works and he had to inform me how proud he was of himself.  I told him that brown bag lunches taste like poverty, I should know as I have been bringing them for about a year now, so enjoy. That brought him down a couple of notches. SWEET!

Republic is the new hotness these days.  I ventured there on Saturday night. Free tip: whoever decided it was a good idea to use curtains instead of doors in the ladies room perhaps was dropped on their head as a child. What part of that sounds like a good idea? Right.  Get doors. Immediately.


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