Now that’s awkward

Richmonders love drinking.  They love drinking at new bars even more. Thus, when a new place to booze opens, rest assured it will be packed with people from hookups past.  Republic on Friday night was a perfect example of the Petri dish of awkward that makes the RVA easy to love! 

Awkward Run #1 involved a guy I worked with right after college and made out with a few times way back in day.  Let’s call this fellow Guy I Hooked Up With When I Was 22.  As my male companion and I were about to walk in, he walked out.  I didn’t recognize him since it has been 2 years since I was 22.  JK, more like 3, but moving on.  They start chatting since they work together in the same department.  I’m busy thinking about how cold I am and the big ole glass of vino I’m about to have when Guy I Hooked Up With When I Was 22 says, “Hello, TLW” at which point I recognized him and was all, “Oh snap! Hello!”  God I love running into people I haven’t seen in years who somehow miraculously work with people I am currently dating. It’s so neat! 

Awkward Run In #2 was with a guy I briefly dated last winter. I saw him across the bar but decided to ignore him as is my custom.  Apparently he didn’t feel the same way since he sauntered up and chatted me up like we were besties.  Unfortunately for him the feeling was not mutual and I brushed him off.  I’m not sure what part of, “I am here with someone” translates into, “text me at 1:00 AM after a trillion more brewskies”,  but I was less than impressed to wake up to find a “good seeing ya” text in the morning.  First of all, why do you still have my number? I haven’t talked to you since February.  Secondly, gross.  Yet again, this why I believe there needs to be a device installed on all cell phones to not send text messages after one in the morning. 

I don’t think I’ll be going back to Republic anytime soon.  I’ll let the newness wear off so I can have my lady drinks solo and not with ghosts of hookups past.


4 thoughts on “Now that’s awkward

  1. Well yea, but you must’ve had his number if it came up when he gave you the awkward “good seeing ya” text. Really it’s a smarter to keep every number you’ve ever gotten so that way you can always make sure to avoid the ones you hate.

    Also, “Ghosts of Hookups Past” sounds like a lot better movie than that Matthew McConaughey pile of drivel.

    1. I’ve already started writing the script! Actually I didn’t have his number-I just knew it was him since we work at the same place and he mentioned how awesome our place of employment is in his text-another reason why he’s a db.

  2. Im not sure, but I think must be a new trend with “come here” Richmonders.

    But dye in the wool lives on Rivah Rd type of Richmonders hate bars, and would never at least admit to like drinking.

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