Everybody Must Get Stoned!

I would totally hang out with this guy.

I have some pretty kooky political beliefs.  I think gay people have the same right to be miserable and married as straight people.  I also believe in the crazy notion that healthcare should be available to all Americans-not the rich whities. I know, right?!  Finally, I think marijuana should be legalized and taxed to high heaven. Use that scratch to help bailout some more banks and pay more executive bonuses reduce debt.  Pure genius! 

You can imagine my surprise and delight when I recently learned of proposed legislation by the Republican (!) Delegate from Gloucester County decriminalizing marijuana and allowing its use when deemed medically effective.  Possession of wacky tobaccey would be considered a civil offense punishable by a $500.00 fine.  Delegate Harvey B. Morgan looks like the grandpa I never had and has a voice sweet as honey.  He makes the point which should go without saying but I guess people really are this stupid that criminalizing the drug does not curb its use.  Obviously. 

I am under no illusion that this legislation has any chance of passing in this backward ass state but the fact that a 79 year old Republican from Gloucester proposed it makes Mr. Morgan 100% badass and automatically up for the Café Darkness Man of the Year Award.  (Other nominations will be selected throughout the year as badassery unfolds).  Fist pumps and apple sauce to Harvey B. Morgan!


2 thoughts on “Everybody Must Get Stoned!

  1. It has 0% chance of passing, but more power to him. He’s a pharmacist, and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be able to stock the sweet sticky green. This spliff is for you, Harvey!

  2. I grew up in Gtown and knowing many that still live there, I am sure he is well supported. I went to high school with 3 buddies that are currently in prison for being ” Pharmaceutical Reps”.

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