Thanks for Calling

A most bizarre exchange….

Caller:  Yes, hello?  Is this Steal Your Soul?

Me:  Yes sir.

Caller:  I need to verify the National Latino Organization.

Me:  Uh?  And how can I help you with that?

Caller:  Yes, are you Steal Your Soul?

Me:  Yes.  What can I do for you sir?

Caller:  I need to verify an application.

Me:  Do you need to verify someone’s employment with us?

Caller:  I need credit. 

Me:  Interesting.

Caller:  Can you verify the Negro Women’s National Council?

Me:  Not without Googling it. 

Caller:  I give you a name.  Naimmeateyelllawayf.

Me:  Can you spell that please?

Caller:  N-A-A-I-A-Leigh spelled like a girl not a boy-Y-A-X-for you want what else-W-O-I-T

Me:  You want me to tell you if this individual did or did not work here?  Can I ask which organization you are representing?

Caller:  National Women Negros.

Me:  (not bothering to check) Yes, I do not have anyone by that name.

Caller:  Are you on my application?

Me:  No.

Caller:  But is says here National Negros or Latino Women have an organization and the phone number is 202-8159-

Me:  I’m pretty sure you have the wrong number.

Caller:  But I don’t want to have a wrong number.  I need credit.

Me:  Sometimes your job is your credit.

Caller:  Yes, yes.  May I speak to the company of your name?

Me:  Okay.  I’ll transfer you to myself.  I’m ready.  You may speak.

Caller:  This is all on the application she sent me with two phone numbers for Women of Nations.

Me:   I must carry on living my life now.  Thanks for calling.

Caller:  Credit.


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