Limited Time Offer

Totally Safe!

Cafe Darkness is pleased to present a very special limited time offer.  We will baby sit your kids for the low low price of $10 per hour!  We promise not to eat your food, erase your DVR or snoop through your night stand drawers!  We are available 7 days a week between 10 am – 2 am.  You must have a Skype account and a web cam in front of your child.  You accept all liability for any damages, as we will never actually step foot in your home.

We have taken the time to write testimonials that we believe are an accurate reflection of what a client would say about our service:

Skype Sitters from Cafe Darkness are a life saver!  I never have to plan or clean  my house when I need a baby sitter again.  I just hit up B or TLW on Twitter, and one of them is guaranteed to be able to go online and watch my child over the internet!  I can pay the gals through PayPal which is so nice!  I never even have to learn their real names – Hypothetical Client Testimonial # 1 

My child is a very active 2-year-old.  I find that Skype Sitters from Cafe Darkness really know how to wear him out!  When I got home the girls emailed me to say that he enjoyed dancing to Lady Gaga and they played hide and seek for at least an hour by opening and closing their laptops.   He started off a bit scared by the floating heads and strange voices, but he got used to it in no time.  Now he points at Mommy’s lap top and says “disco stick”.  Thanks gals – Hypothetical Client Testimonial # 2

I find Cafe Darkness Skype Sitting really handy when I’m on the go.  I used to feel bad about leaving my kids in the car while I bowl, or making them sit in the garage when I entertain gentlemen.  Now two hours of battery life gives me peace of mind – Hypothetical Client Testimonial # 3

Cafe Darkness Skype Sitters are not trained to perform emergency services but do promise to text you right away if we have not seen your children in 15 minutes or more.  We even offer a money back guarantee if we cannot fulfill the entire sitting job.  What are you waiting for?  Start using Skype Sitters today!


One thought on “Limited Time Offer

  1. sounds perfect – sign me up! but i’m a little strapped for cash right now. do you offer AAA discounts?

    also would it be okay if i set up the kiddies with the web cam at starbucks? the little darlings really tear the house up when left unattended.

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