Snookin for Love

From time to time we update you on search engine terms that bring readers to Cafe Darkness.  Valentine’s Day brought out some of the best yet:

  • Cats many of them
  • Unhappily married on Valentine’s Day
  • Laundry + Cafe
  • Beer
  • Divorce
  • How to catch a cougar
  • Push-up bra on cougar
  • Orangey the cat
  • Best high heels
  • F*&! first, eat later?

Editor’s note to whomever actually googled f&*! first, eater later?  I suspect you suffer from bulimia (which legitimizes your question) or you are the real Ed Hardy.  Get professional help either way.

Editor’s note:  Don’t ask me why I didn’t spell out f#&*.  It’s not you, it’s me.


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