Just your typical Saturday night…

The line for the bathroom was MAD long!

A lot of my non-internet friends don’t understand what the hell one does when hanging out with people you met solely through the internets.  They think we sit around and talk about really geeky shit like external hard drives and the importance of “backing up your data”.  Side note: in actuality this is really important.  Seriously you guys, would you want to lose all of that in the blink of an eye?!  In reality, they could not be more wrong.  Take Saturday night for example. Barista and I ventured downtown to meet up with some internet peeps and conversations went as follows:

Words with Friends is the best game ever.  Admittedly, the dork factor of this conversation is a solid 10.  We have the Perfect Storm of Geek: Apple Products, games and Scrabble.  It doesn’t get any better than this, but then again, neither does Words With Friends. I pity the fool that isn’t losing to me on the regs. 

Olympic curling is the best sport ever.  This isn’t dorky at all, but rather, a simple fact.  Double snaps for continually reenacting how to curl so I could show Barista the art of the sport throughout the evening.

Hot Chip’s new CD.  Is it the best ever?  Again, Hot Chip is, like, a negative 10 in dork so that kind of erases the 20 minute passionate Words With Friends conversation. 

A comes before L, but after L sometimes.  This lively debate revolved around how one should never agree to any back door action until after L bombs have been dropped. Barista and I wanted to use this topic to somehow deter our moms from reading our blog but were too scared it would cause them to “open up” to us about things that could permanently emotionally scar us.  Mom, I’ll take spaghetti tonight for dinner, by the way!

And, of course, there is the pièce de résistance of the evening which resulted in one of the funniest conversations I’ve had in a long time.  Matt already did all of the legwork for that one and since I’m lazy I’ll just let you read that little gem right here

Don’t you see?  Dorky people are still people after all.  So the next time you see one don’t stuff him or her in the closest locker!  Ask them their opinion about the sexy, it will be sure to be a lively conversation!


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