RVA is a Badass

Damn you a sexy bitch!

In case you were in a medically induced coma and didn’t hear, Richmond was graced with the presence of Westboro Baptist Church yesterday, a group that prides itself on telling people who God hates.  If you’re curious, he totally hates you.  I think God hates Ed Hardy, but that’s just me.  WBC is a fun-loving crowd and has a penchant for hating Jews and gays.  I mean!  What novel groups to hate for no apparent reason!  Of course my first reaction is spray week old cat pee from my semi-ferals all over their crazy asses but luckily there are more level-headed people in the community who formed the group Pennies in Protest.  

In less than a week the group has over 2,300 Facespace fans and rose over $10,000 to be split equally between the various groups WBC hates so bad.  They killed them kindess and Café Darkness loves!  Increasing the level of badassery was the number of people who took time out of their day to silently protest WBC sending them the clear message that we will not tolerate these idiots coming to our City spewing their nonsensical bullshit.   Richmond rocked it yesterday and made me proud to say I’m from this kooky little city we call home. Woo woos and fist pumps for everybody!


2 thoughts on “RVA is a Badass

  1. They are horrible people. God doesn’t hate, He loves!
    I don’t believe in gay marriage, but I certainly don’t hate the gays. God doesn’t hate them either. If it weren’t of the gays, we wouldn’t have all those fabulous musicals!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree Meade!! Still peeing my pants that I get to see Wicked this week! Thanks CD for spreading the word…and just generally being awesome.

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