Funny/Not Funny

Ha, ha! You fell! LOL!

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended and have no sense of humor, I respectfully request for you to please not read this post.

Often times there is a fine line between funny and offensive. Personally, it takes a hell of a lot to offend me.  I’m too busy living my life to take the time to be offended by something that I don’t necessarily agree with. Anywhoos, below are some examples of very similar things with very different LOL levels: 


AIDS: Not  funny at all.    

The first AIDS monkey: Really funny. Why is the first AIDS monkey funny? Because all monkeys are hilarious-regardless of their sexual promiscuity. They eat bananas and bugs off their besties. Totally 100% badass.  Plus also, we got AIDS from a monkey. 


9/11:  Absolutely not funny. 

Osama bin Laden living in a cave:  Supremely funny.  He lives in a cave.  He orchestrated the largest terror attack in American history from a cave. He still lives in a cave. We have the ability to clone our god damn house pets but we can’t find a man who lives in a cave.  Everything about that is funny.


People dying in car accidents:  There is nothing funny about that.

Sticking accelerators:  Funny.  I think if I were designing a car one of the first questions I would ask is how do I make it move and how do I make it stop? Seems pretty fucking basic to me, but shit what do I know? I’m just a girl with a blog who thinks the first AIDS monkeys is funny. 


When I fall down:  Negative funny.

Watching other people fall down:  So funny  it’s really one of my favorite things about being alive.


3 thoughts on “Funny/Not Funny

  1. What you need to do is go somewhere where there is a tall set of very crowded steps (like the DC metro during rush hour) and dump a large container of BBs on the stairs. Hilarity will ensue (along with potential civil and criminal liability).

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