And the Survey Says…


13 thoughts on “And the Survey Says…

  1. I’m somewhere in the middle of “Southern Delight” and “Ew, Gross”. I agree with B – super delicious on BBQ. But you won’t see me throwing back a spoonful of the stuff by itself.
    Also, if that shit sits around for too long, it starts to smell like decayed walrus carcass. You gotta get it while it’s fresh or NO DEAL.

  2. it’s only funny because i’m eating coleslaw while voting. to clarify though, it’s the delicious non-mayo-ey kind.

  3. Personally, I like coleslaw on BBQ AND on chili dogs. And I’m southern (being born and bred in VA). However, I don’t consider TLW, whom I believe hails from my current residence of Baltimore, to be southern, and therefore shouldn’t be considered an expert in all things slaw related.

    The creaminess of the slaw is a counterbalance for the sharp vinegary spicy bite of a good BBQ or hot dog chili. Of course, creamy slaw won’t work on too sweet bbq, so that’s where vinegar slaw comes into play. I’ts all about balance!

      1. You’re just jealous that you’ve never been invited to compete in the county fair Queen Nicotina contest.

      2. Shouldn’t be resting and getting plenty of fluids? Slawapalooza was clearly too much for your delicate sensibilities to handle. Get well soon, B!

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