The Weekend in Review: March 19th-21st


1-Old Friend!  On Friday evening I discovered a magical unicorn: an old friend from High School who is not crazy and-wait for it-single. Holy motherfucking shit I feel like I won the lottery.  I immediately informed that she may be my new bestie and then she made the mistake of giving me her phone number! Ha, ha!  She has no idea what’s she in for!  

2-Monument Ave 10K! Oh no, I didn’t run it. The idea of paying money to run a route I run for free every day with 37,000 other people makes my skin crawl.  I’m just glad it’s over and done with so everyone will stop talking about it. It’s 6 miles, you guys. Any able-bodied human being should be able to run/walk six miles with minimal effort.  Jesus. Christ.  Add 20 miles to that 6 and I’ll slap you five because that’s badass. Trust. I’ve done it thrice.  Best cig ever is the one after running a marathon!  

3-Brunettes have more fun!  I decided to go au natural up in this mother. I refuse to be a slave to society’s version of beauty any longer and shall not pay for highlights ever again! (Maybe).  Level of sass increased 110%. Badassery is up 70% and all around I don’t give a fuck is up a record 240%!  

4-Yahoo Personals!  I love chatting with my ex husband.  He was dropping the boys off after their weekend visitation and I was filling him in on the haps in my love life.  Yes, it’s weird, I know. Moving on!  Anywhoos, he brilliantly suggested I use Yahoo Personals to meet someone.  Now I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain Yahoo Personals is maybe one step above paying for sex off Jeff Davis Highway so I’m not going to take his advice but I will go ahead and just put it out there that if it ever comes to having to meet people off Yahoo Personals I’m going to just go ahead and thrown in the towel on life.  

5-Random compliments from strangers!  Yesterday I was looking a hot mess whilst walking the boys when a complete and total stranger to whom I have never once even seen or spoken to complimented my new ‘do!  He asked me if I was the same person (?) or if I had dyed my hair.  Not sure how to reply since I had never laid eyes upon this fellow prior to that conversation, I replied that yes, I am the same person, I guess? He then told me he really liked it and it was a nice change! Squish you random stranger!


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