RIP Moustache March

We'll all miss you!

Jesus Christ I love it when we receive real, live reader questions. This ditty came via DM from the Twitter and it reads:

Dear Café Darkness,


How does one cope with separation anxiety at the end of Moustache March?




Already Missing my ‘stache South of the River

Dear Missing my ‘stache,

I totally get it. You’ve grown accustomed to that lil’ cookie duster for the past 31 days. What started out as  just a pencil thin lady tickler has blossomed into a full on Burt Reynolds badass flavor savor!  First of all, you need to realize that all good things come to end. It’s the circle of life, my friend and the sooner you accept the fact that you must part with your moustache, the better.  After all, it wouldn’t be the hipstery ironic fun time (!) we all know and love if it were “Moustache 2010”, now would it? 

Now go ahead, hop on your fixie and get yourself a razor and a PBR tall boy straight away. After all, Slaughterama is this weekend and you don’t want anyone thinking you’re a loser, now would you?


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