Bob McDonnell Proclaims April Confederate History Month. Nation Issues Collective, “Wha?”

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RICHMOND, VA-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell stunned the nation once again when he proclaimed April  Confederate History Month earlier today.  Ironically the Governor’s proclamation makes no mention of slavery which, when you think about it, makes absolutely zero fucking sense whatsoever. 

When local African American community leaders were asked for their reaction they issued a statement saying the Civil War was, “kind of about owning black people, so no, we’re not cool with it”.  They also asked if the Governor had, “some sort of reminder on his Outlook to do one batshit crazy thing per month” and warned the women of the Commonwealth to, “watch their backs because they’re totally getting it next.”

Those in McDonnell’s office said they were working on declaring other months to increase tourism to the state including, “Isn’t It Funny When Old White Men Say What You Can Do With Your Vagay May”, “Have you Hugged a Nazi Today June” and “Remember When We Sent Japanese People to Internment Camps- Oh Yeah That’s Right We Don’t Really Talk About That-Well Maybe We Should Do That Again July”. 


4 thoughts on “Bob McDonnell Proclaims April Confederate History Month. Nation Issues Collective, “Wha?”

  1. I’m excited about this, finally a reason to put the gun rack back into my Ford Focus, have my confederate flag emblazoned wallet hang from my pocket chain, and not ironically wear my Larry The Cable Guy “Git ‘r Done!” t-shirt. Thank you Mr. Governor.

  2. i’m so glad hes doing this. My noble ancestors fought so bravely for Southern independence. I’m not surprised of the hate and ignorance against this move- as most people can’t even read a true history book. But I do reckon that folks will have their say in this one way or the other. The fact that Richmond and Virginia was part of such a bold historical moment in my eyes, is reason to celebrate. Richmond has always boogied to a different drummer. God Bless Bob McDonnell for honoring our noble Virginians of old who fought so bravely for freedom against evil tyranny as part of the Second American Revolution !

  3. Dear Mr. Dcam:

    Driving through Upstate NY and Western Mass I saw plenty of pick up trucks with gun racks, not to mention quite a few trailer parks , i might add. Your ignorance is showing. I dont wave the “rebel” flag in front of people. I just simply place one on the grave of my ancestors. Scarlett O’Hara would say you’re a cad !

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