True or False

I’ve seriously been neglecting my duties as a slacker lately…I’ve been working entirely too much to get in my usual 27 hours a week of internets time.   Since I’ve gots no time to write anything that even comes close to TLW’s wit of late, I offer you a quiz.  Feel free to post your answers as a comment.  I will personally send each of the 5 people I expect to read this a backhanded compliment if you score at least a 20% on the test. 

True or False:

1.  TLW and Barista had a serious conversation about 18th century English literature yesterday without mentioning woo woos once.

2.  TLW fell down SOBER in front of Metro and showed all of RVA her business.  (This one might be a trick question with the words TLW and sober in the same sentence)

3.  Barista is a world-class river dancer. 

4.  Bitchy McSweatervest is the most awesome nickname Cafe Darkness has ever assigned.

5.  Bob McDonnell has guaranteed that whenever you travel outside of Virginia you will have to work extra hard to shake off the backwoods redneck reputation he created for you.


7 thoughts on “True or False

  1. Excuse me, but what do you mean redneck reputation? Virginia has a heritage of gentility and hospitality. Our noble figures such as Robert E. Lee represent this. I guess you have us confused with perhaps Upstate New York or Kentucky? Bob is a real gent. He probably enjoys sitting on the back porch with his burbon and branch playing a nice respectable game of cards with his friends and singing the praises of the good ‘ol days. Shame on you!

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