The Weekend in Review: April 16th-18th

Not the type of dance party I attend


I would like to extend my personal thank you for all who came out to make this weekend particularly badass.  RVA is especially sassy right now and I love it. Blame it on the warmer weather, the alcohol or the rain, just don’t blame me. Here are the highlights of the Little Weekend that Could: 

1-I did not trip and fall one time.  I mean! This in and of itself is an accomplishment. Plus also, almost all of my scrapes from last weekend’s trips and spills are almost completely healed.  I was particularly worried about this considering Barista was out of town gambling, but as it turns out, I was just fine!  

2-Friday night shenanigans.  From what I recall, I had a great time. I always judge the level of fun I had the night prior by the state of dress in the morning: 

Waking up in all of the clothes you wore the night prior intensely spooning two dogs = You had a really good time last night. 

Waking up in your pjs intensely spooning two dogs = You really should have stepped it up a notch.  Better luck next time. 

3- Not attending the Chili Cook-off.  This may be the grossest event Richmond has to offer.  Although the people watching is top-notch, the idea of paying money to eat the nastiest food ever is unappealing to say the least.  No thank you. I was busy napping and dreaming Charlie Sheen was hitting on me and that my car could magically turn into a scooter. Whee!   

4-Dance parties.  I won’t lie, I like shakin’ what my mama gave. As such, when the opportunity presents itself to dance, dance, dance I am there.  Cous Cous provided the perfect venue on Saturday evening for a good, old-fashioned dance party.  Good job, everyone. Well done.  

5-Traveling on foot!  Ever since the weather warmed up, I’ve taken to caminar a pie when going out for the evening. Side note: Today’s Spanish 101 lesson brought to you by Corona.  It’s Mexican for beer!  Anywhoos, I live close enough to most watering holes that it takes longer to drive and find a parking spot than hoofing it.  Besides getting a little bit of extra fitness, walking lends itself to more opportunities for adventures. Like climbing monuments. And impromptu skipping. Ya know, the finer things in life.


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