The Weekend in Review: April 23rd-April 25th

So sexy

Another day, another dollar, another rad weekend: 

1-I kicked off my three-day fun fest with a little Friday morning jaunt to Downtown Short Pump. What else says “relaxation” more than visiting the worst place in Richmond?  I had to get my peepers checked and, through no fault of my own, I ended up in the weirdest doctor’s office on the planet.  Topics discussed included, but were not limited to Agent Orange, working for a newspaper in the 1950’s, diseases that cause immobility, Obama being a socialist and last, but certainly not least, America turning into the Third Reich. And all before lunch!

2-When invited to a happy hour (that started many, many hours prior for all in attendance but yours truly) to Bailey’s in the Southside, one should mentally prepare to feel like the most sober person on earth.  As such, I attempted to quickly remedy situation with a little help from my shot bestie, Van Gogh, but was never able to get on the same level as everyone else.  Regardless, Bailey’s is badass.  They have a sign on the door that reads, “This is a smoking establishment”. Ha! Take that!

3-I blame Bailey’s for the drunkenness that quickly ensued upon leaving my new favorite bar.  Already a bit tipsy, I headed to a friend’s house. The night was supposed to go like this: nice dinner, a few cocktails and home early so I could be productive on Saturday morning. Instead it went like this: way too much vodka before a late dinner at Sidewalk, me falling (twice) and waking up on Saturday at 11:30. Win.

4-After attempting to shake one of the worst hangovers of 2010, I kicked it up to DC to see one of my most favoritist bands play.  I danced my ass off and didn’t fall one time!  Whoot!

5-Heading back home it was necessary to eat, ASAP.  As far as fast food goes, I heart Burger King (Whopper me!) so when my suggestion was not met with a “You’re disgusting”, BK it was. Instead of ordering something yummy (like a Whopper Jr. with cheese, hold the tomatoes) my traveling companion ordered the super disgusting BK Chicken Club (gross).  Halfway through the meal he tells me he thinks we hit an all-time low with the meal.  Too bad I was busy eating my delicious flame-grilled cheeseburger and tasty fries to even acknowledge that ridiculous statement.


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