Area Couple Plans to Attend NASCAR this Weekend

Not exactly what they had in mind

RICHMOND, VA. Windsor Farms residents Henry Blake Rollingsworth, IV and his wife Elizabeth Stanley Rollingsworth made the decision to attend the NASCAR races this upcoming weekend at the Richmond International Raceway.

Elizabeth, better known as “Bee Bee” to her friends, first heard about NASCAR after accidentally talking to her landscaper, Earl Snead, Jr., on Monday. “I was on my way to the [Three Chopt] Shopping Center before I met the girls for lunch at The [Country] Club [of Virginia] and I almost ran him over with my Suburban”, Mrs. Rollingsworth explained, laughing at the memory.  Stating she felt bad for almost crushing every bone in her landscaper’s body with her massively oversized Sports Utility Vehicle she stopped for a moment to apologize and inquired about his plans for the upcoming weekend.

“That’s when he told me he was going ‘to the races’”, she explained.  Mistakenly assuming “the races”  to which Snead referred to were a precursor to Foxfield and Strawberry Hill, the Rollingsworths purchased tickets immediately.  “There is nothing more Richmond than spending a day at the races! ”, Mrs. Rollingsworth declared.  “Henry is over the moon with excitement! He even went so far as to decide our signature cocktail should be called the NASCAR Napoleon!  Isn’t he just a hoot and half!?” 

At press time Mrs. Rollingsworth was headed to Lily Pulitzer at River Road Shopping Center, Westhampton Bakery and finally to Mango’s Hair Salon for a quick trim and highlight.  She ran over thirteen kittens, three squirrels and one blind man in the process.

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