Other Area Couple Plans to Attend NASCAR this Weekend

Not exactly what they had in mind

RICHMOND, VA.  Oregon Hill residents Henry Rollingsworth and his girlfriend Elizabeth Smith made the decision to attend the NASCAR races this upcoming weekend at the Richmond International Raceway.

Elizabeth, better known as “Bets” to her friends, first heard about NASCAR after accidentally talking to her next door neighbor and long time Oregon Hill resident, Earl Snead, Jr. on Monday.  “I was on my way to 821 [Café] because I love their vegemite wrap with radish spread and I almost hit him with my Scooter.” Bets explained, laughing at the memory. Stating she felt bad for almost crushing every bone in the old man’s foot with her awesome scooter, she stopped for a moment to apologize and inquired about his plans for the upcoming weekend. 

“That’s when he told me he was going ‘to the races’”, she explained.  Mistakenly assuming “the races” to which Snead referred to were a secondary, more badass version of Slaughterama, Henry and Bets decided they were in it to win it immediately.  “There is nothing more rad than RVA in spring. A bike jousting tournament? Hells to the yes!”, Bets declared.  “Henry is stoked about it.  He even decided we should bring an entire case of PBR, a handle of whiskey and at least three packs of American Sprits. LOL. I heart him.”

At press time, Miss Smith was headed to Fan Thrift, The Lamplighter and finally to Exile to search for some kickass treasures.  She narrowly avoided being hit by thirteen cars, three trucks and one super tall unicycle in the process.

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