You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Post Is About You

Totally Badass

Let’s have real talk. It’s been a minute.  The problem with having a less than anonymous blog is that you can’t really say what you want.  In the beginning of the CD, we were much more upfront with our shitalkery and badassery. Now, a year later, we can’t say what’s on our minds in fear of making someone angry, upset, jealous, incontinent, impotent or unable to do their Kool-Aid dance on the corner of Monument and Nansemond.  There have been so many shenanigans that we haven’t spoken on.  And that sucks. A lot. I can’t speak for B, but from now on, I am making the solemn vow to get back to good and say exactly what’s on my mind. I now no longer care if you think I go out too much, if I’m being a bitch, if I’m hooking up with this person or that person because frankly, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  I’m going to be a truth terrorist up in this bitch. Don’t piss me off at da club, because I’ll be sure to blog about it straight away. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Post Is About You

  1. Is the Kool-Aid dance a for reals thing? About five months ago when I came back from the movies or something the dudes downstairs were hanging out on our apartment’s front porch with a homeless guy. The dudes were like, “Wait, watch this guy’s dance.” Homeless guy started to do a dance while singing a theme song involving the words “the Kool-Aid dance.”

  2. bring on the shittalkery! i’ve never been anonymous (wish i could change that), and i piss people off constantly. maybe change the tagline of the blog to “read at your own risk”. everyone gets their panties in a wad. keep on hookin’ up, girl. i live vicariously through you, so please keep the honesty a’flowin.

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