Mad Libs

Mommy what's an adverb?

Oh my goodness, Mr. Barista had the funniest thing ever happen to him on Friday!  He was at a meeting at _________, a well-known fundraiser that supports ___________ .  The ___________ fundraiser has a gala each __________ that’s really fun.  Even though I usually come home with dry cleaning bills from spilling wine on ________ gowns it’s worth the price of admission.   It makes us feel so good, knowing we are supporting local _______.  Tickets usually sell for _____ in case you were wondering.

So anyways, he’s walking up the ________ when he sees a small ______.   He calls to the ______ but gets no answer.  When he’s right on top of the ________ he realizes it’s _________!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How freaking crazy is that?????

Other awesome things going on today include my _______ having a ________.  I hope it’s a _______.

Maybe I’ll stick to writing about nothing.


2 thoughts on “Mad Libs

  1. I love Mad Libs. No seriously. You should do more of these in the future and then award prizes to whoever comes up with the funniest ones (except you’d have to just tell us the parts of speech so we don’t cheat and know the sentence it’s going in).

  2. Popeye’s Chicken, synesthesia, racist, waxing crescent moon, ritualistic orgy, hermaphroditic youth, two buttons and a gold tooth, broken escalator, Latino boy, centaur, pummel horse, syphilis, pool boy, reconstructive labia trimming, bloodbath.

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