Great Idea Forgotten for “Super Rad Blog Post”.

TLW forgot to buy red string to tie around her finger, so she forgot her awesome idea.

RICHMOND, VA.  Local blogger, TLW, had a “super funny” idea for a blog post last night. The post in question was to be written today, June 1st upon her arrival to Steal Your Soul, Inc.  The idea came to her suddenly Monday night and immediately cracked her up.  “I literally LOL’d”, she promised.  TLW explained she thought of the idea whilst hanging out with her dogs and watching bad reality television.  “I was just easing myself into Monday night. Real easy like you know, ‘cause it was a holiday weekend and all”, she told reporters earlier today. “I was having myself a nice glass of wine and then ‘BOOM!’ it hit me and I thought to myself, ‘TLW, you’ve got this.’”

Potential topics for the now forgotten but super hilarious blog post include, but are not limited to: being awesome, boys, or whiskey.  “I want to say it may have even had something to do with the recent violence in downtown Richmond. But funny. Obvi.”  At press time TLW was still unable to remember her LOL-inducing post but promised to write it “straight away” if and when she thought of it.

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