The Weekend in Review: June 3rd-6th

Wow! Bro! Iced!

RVA really outdid itself this time, if I do say so myself. Things are getting increasingly more awesome. If things get any more bananas, I’m going to completely lose it. Behold my weekend in review:


Thursday was negative awesome.  Without getting into the details too, too much I will say that I do *not* like receiving nasty text messages where people drop the f bomb (I’m a lady!) nor do I like being defriended on Facespace. I also do *not* like sick puppy dogs and clogging my toilet attempting to clean up after them when I get home on Thursday night. And that’s all I have to say about that

Friday got real and then it got rad. Tacos always improve a shitty outlook on life. You know what else improves your outlook on life? Icing a bro. Yes, that happened.  Other things that help improve my outlook on life is pretending I work for BP oil and apologizing (in cockney-obvi) for, “that little situation in the Gulf. Awfully sorry!” Ha! I loved it! And they loved me! I asked, “You don’t hate me? For ruining your ecosystem and all?” and they said, “No, not at all. It’s not your fault!”  Pip pip, Cheerio!

Saturday involved an hour-long walk from my apartment to downtown to retrieve my car.  (No DUI for me, please!)  Along the way I received an invitation to brunch it up at Sidewalk which I accepted with much gusto and enthusiasm.  Although a bit sweaty and dehydrated from the night prior and walk in a 100 degree weather, we managed to tie one on quite nicely if I do say so myself! Porch drinks later that night was a smashing success!


Sunday Funday? Not for me.  Yesterday was Responsible Sunday despite several invitations to go out boozing. My body and bank account need a break, y’all. Dayum!  I did, however, almost die from a heat stroke biking to retrieve my car. I even had to stop and take a knee half way there as I was feeling quite woozy. But worry not! My car was retrieved and I am a 100% hydrated! 

So there you have it folks. Another badass weekend up in this biatch.  This week should prove to hold many more opportunities for shenanigans and badassery. I’ll keep you posted. Holler if you see me in da club.


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