Local Blogger Suffers World’s Worst Hangover

Gross to the max

RICHMOND, VA. Local blogger and lady-about-town, TLW, suffered what doctors described as the “world’s worst hangover” yesterday.  TLW, whose self-proclaimed bender started on Friday and continued through Sunday evening, states the hangover was, “well-deserved.”  “I mainly blame the World Cup….and BP”, she told reporters earlier in the day.

Upon waking up on Monday morning, she quickly realized she was “in for it” when she was still a, “wee bit tipsy” walking her dogs at 6:30 AM.  Throughout the day on Monday her conditioned worsened until she debated throwing up in the bathroom at work but decided to just stare blankly at her cube walls instead.  Around 3 pm yesterday the symptoms hit their peak when she simultaneously wanted to cry and pass out in a desk drawer. 

At press time the thought of even looking at an alcoholic beverage was enough to conjure up memories of Rumplemintz, keg beer and poor choices, and she was unsure if she would, “ever be able to drink again. At least until Thursday for sure.”


5 thoughts on “Local Blogger Suffers World’s Worst Hangover

  1. did you kill barista in a drunken episode? she’s been suspiciously absent, even as incidences of your drinking binges have been increasingly documented.

    suspicous? quite possibly.

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