Responsible Me!


I’ve been on quite the tear recently.  Getting rowdy as I want to, kissing people I shouldn’t and all around ridiculous behavior.  Monday’s epic hangover was so grand that even the thought of boozing made me want to toss my cookies, something that has never happened before. Weird, I know.  However, remembering how I felt has (maybe for a minute) made me turn a new leaf! No more shots (for serious this time and I mean it), no more making out with people that I have no interest in (I really, really, I mean this one) and no more bananas behavior period! 

Normally when I decide to be responsible it 1-lasts for a day and 2-I hate it.  However, this week has been different.  It’s nice not being exhausted every morning when I wake up.  My fitness has been off the chain.  Most surprisingly I’ve actually enjoyed staying in reading and drinking my sleepy-time tea.  I’ll be the first to say I give this another week max, but for now it’s Responsible TLW.  Sorry y’all. I may be in da club, but maybe not, there’s a sweet ass documentary on PBS I’ve been trying to watch for a while now.


3 thoughts on “Responsible Me!

  1. Awesome – when you fall off the track, remember one thing – no better way to get back than to hit the rock-bottom again, CHEERS!!!

    1. Wow….make sure you delve a little deeper into that blog you posted. Ummm…interesting stuff. I think I need a drink.

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