Pug Life

For those of y’all who don’t read me on the Twitters (which makes zero sense) and aren’t lucky enough to be my friend on Facespace (sorry), you may not know that I have a new favorite obsession. No, it’s not woo woos or unicorns or kicking the elderly in their shins. It’s Pugs.  Like the dog.  I know, right? Weird. It all started when I took my car into the shop to get a flat tire fixed on Friday. Much to my delight there was not one, but two of these fat fucks waddling around the front office.  One slowly meandered over to me after eating for seemingly an hour and started snorting and squealing like bananas. “Oh my God!” I said to the guy behind the desk. “What’s it doing? It’s fu-REAKing the hell out!”  He assured me it was completely normal for Mr. Peebles or whatever his name was to start shrieking like a hyena whilst snorting like a wild boar.  Immediately I was intrigued.  Then I saw this video and was sold:

These are clearly the weirdest creatures on the planet. Even more curious? Their owners who make videos like this.

And this.  

By Friday afternoon I coined the term “Pug Life” and “Straight Puggin” to try to capture the weird, magical existence of these dogs.  They just may be the canine equivalent to unicorns, but it’s too soon to tell.  Please note: I have no desire to own one of these weirdos. I simply want to admire and gaze at them from afar and perhaps, upon occasion, hear one squeal and shriek with delight.


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