The Week in Review August 1st-8th


What’s the haps, RVA? There was a lot going on in our fair city this week.  Let’s take a looksie, shall we?

1-Prop 8 was overturned in California, but Richmond decided to up the ante when a local American Family denied a family membership to a lesbian couple.  GayRVA reported the couple was told the company uses Virignia’s definition of what constitutes a family which is between a man and a woman.  I mean, because, you know, if  we let same-sex couples marry, what’s next?  People owning monkeys and treating them like children and calling them monkids?  Because yes, that is a thing. 

2-The seemingly endless summer heat continued this week setting a record for the most number of 100 degree days.  In a bold move Ken Cuccinelli made the question, “Is it hot enough out there for you?” illegal, officially making it the one thing he’s done in office that this RVA resident can actually get behind.

3-Speaking of The Cooch, he continued his Reign of Terror when he issued an opinion stating police officers are within their rights to question the immigration status of anyone for any reason.  He won in a landslide folks. In. A. Landslide.  

4-Suburbanites made their semi-annual trip to the big city for Carytown’s Watermelon Festival. Aside from the Grand Illumination these strange creatures can normally be found in Downtown Short Pump sitting in traffic on a Sunday afternoon.  Every Museum District resident knows better than to leave their house lest they be caught in traffic caused by scared and confused SUV drivers.  Thankfully the second worst hangover of the summer made that easy for me to follow.  

5-It’s been scientifically proven that the dumbest people in Richmond comment on Richmond Times Dispatch articles.  It took approximately point two seconds before the brilliant connection was made between a drunk a driver who hit and killed a local nun last weekend and his immigration status.  You know, because ethnicity is definitely the leading cause of drinking and driving. Duh.  

There you have it, ladies and germs. Now excuse me while I go back to watching mindless reality television in an attempt to forget how crazy most of you are and all of the shots I took yesterday.


One thought on “The Week in Review August 1st-8th

  1. Well, I think cops ought to be able to look into someones immigration status, if that person is already arrested. But I dont think it should be a requirement, the way Arizona’s SB1070 was…But anyway, I like your blog, keep it up

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