Group Dinner Ends in Disaster


RICHMOND, VA-A dinner ended in disaster on Saturday evening when a dispute over where to eat caused a deep division amongst a group of friends.  Although they agreed to dine around the Main and Robinson corridor, a consensus as to which particular restaurant could not be agreed upon. On the one side there were those who wanted to eat at FW Sullivan’s for their large outdoor patio seating and excellent people watching. The other group believed it was “too soon” to eat within such close proximity to The White Dog, Richmond’s beloved Fan restaurant that recently closed its doors after being open for ten years.  Jeff Smith, the most outspoken critic of eating so close to The White Dog, asked why they couldn’t go someplace, “less hallowed” such as Sticky Rice or DeLux.  Lauren Kline, a proponent of eating at FW Sullivan’s, told reporters that not wanting to eat at FW Sullivan’s simply because it’s located directly across the street from The White Dog made about as much sense as caring if an Islamic Community Center was constructed in an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory two blocks away from Ground Zero. “Plus also” she stated, “I’m in the mood for crab legs.”

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