Richmond Weather Obsessed New Study Reports

The Weather

RICHMOND, VA-Increased chatter about the weather reached an all time high this summer and experts warn weather-related conversations will only increase in frequency as Hurricane Earl makes landfall.  John Smith of the Pew Institute released his startling findings earlier this week.  “There is a clear and direct correlation between living in Richmond and talking about the weather.  The amount of time Richmonders spend discussing past, current and future weather conditions is astounding”, he told reporters earlier today.  His report warns that those who do not want to discuss the weather should evacuate Richmond immediately in anticipation of Hurricane Earl.  “The fact that this storm will have little to no impact on Central Virginia does not matter to Richmond residents who will more than likely cancel all Labor Day vacation plans in order to immediately start driving like assholes and crowd local grocery stores to stock up on unnecessary nonperishable goods”.  At press time Mr. Smith had fled the area for the less weather centric town of Arlington.

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