Oh, my.


Ever sat around in your underwear late at night whilst eating cheese wondering who in the world TLW is?  Yeah, I figured not. More than likely you’ve thought that you would like me to STFU, please and thank you.  Regardless, it may be your lucky day on September 16th, 2010!  For some reason that is beyond my small woman brain to comprehend, I’ve been asked to speak on the “Alter-Egos, Identities and Covert Operations in Richmond Social Media” which, to me, sounds like I’m way more badass than I am, but hey, let’s roll with it. 

The other people speaking are way more gross, interesting, funny and popular than yours truly so hopefully I won’t have to talk too much as the last time I had to speak in public was my freshman year of college in my Communications 101 class. (Go Duke Dogs!).  I was so nervous I decided to get stoney maroni prior to giving my final speech of the semester which really backfired big time. Needless to say, I won’t make that mistake twice, but I will be several glasses of red wine in so as to not throw a clot.  So come on out, y’all! If you heckle me, I’ll pummel you with my tiny fists of rage. Yay!


5 thoughts on “Oh, my.

  1. That was you looking in my window while I was tearing up that Costco size package of sliced American last night? Awesome. While wondering who you are, I was also wondering how I could get you to take a tip from icouldgoonandon.blogspot.com and post several times a day. And now I get to bug you in person to do this? This day could not get any more awesomer. And let me tell you, when my 7 week old baby pooped on me first thing this morning, I didn’t think it was possible.

      1. Nope, sorry, not buying it. Anywho…I will be in attendance at the forum with baby in tow. Can I apologize preemptively for the crying? Mine, not hers, of course. Lack of sleep does that to me. I know how much you love hearing about babies. 🙂

  2. Well, that’s certainly one of the ugliest and most poorly designed logos I’ve ever seen. Looks to be about as professional as I pictured the SMC as a whole to be.

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