Area woman sick, goes to work anyway


RICHMOND, VA.- Short Pump Resident and working mother Cindy Adams decided to go into the office today despite the fact that she was feeling under the weather. The cold, which she caught from her toddler, was no surprise to Mrs. Adams since Jeffrey, her two year old, had been home sick for the past several days from his local daycare.  “Oh, I just knew I was going to catch what he had”, she explained to reporters earlier today in between alternatively blowing her nose and hacking up a thick mucous-like substance into a tissue, “It was just a matter of time.” 

When asked why she would go into work when she was clearly sick, thus risking of infecting her innocent child-free coworkers she explained she had taken off the past two days to care for her sick son and now that he was feeling better it was time to get back to work.  “I don’t want to have to dip into my vacation time and with Christmas right around the corner I want to be able to spend as much time with Jeffrey as possible.”  “Also, I honestly don’t care who I get sick as long as precious Jeffrey is feeling better and is able to lick the floor at daycare all day,” she added.

When asked what she talked or thought about before having a child, Mrs. Adams stared blankly at reporters and asked them to repeat the question.  At press time, Mrs. Adams was taking a break from uploading pictures of Jeffrey to her Facebook account and was sneezing profusely without covering her mouth whilst pouring a cup of coffee in the company break room.

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3 thoughts on “Area woman sick, goes to work anyway

  1. Oh, so true! If you’re sick, stay home! I just hate it when folks go to work thinking they’re doing the right thing while they just spread those germs to everyone else. Same with customers. When I had to work in retail this guy sneezed all over the money he handed me. I took it and pretended not to care. Sure enough, a few days later, I had a cold and it was all his fault. People, you’re not being helpful when you go out and work sick. You’re just making others sick.

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