About Us

Barista and The Lone WolfThe Barista has been happily married since before she was old enough to rent a car.  She works by day in a cubical where she has proudly perfected the art of corporate lingo and cliches.  By night she causes just enough of a ruckus to make a number of service industry employees consider asking her to leave.  She hopes to someday actually be asked to leave an establishment.

The Lone Wolf is newly divorced, living it up, and discovering the world with the help of Billy Mays.  She enjoys red wine, cigs, Cheezits, revising her New Year’s resolutions and retrieving her soul at 5 pm.  She is steadfast in her desire to not go to Short Pump under any circumstance.

Contact us at cafedarkness@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Loved the “Killing Me Softly” article. The scourge of my life has been people with MBAs from VCU or UR night school, or even worse, Harvard. And furthermore, if you think it’s tough finding a decent guy over 25, try finding one over 60! Who isn’t looking for a good Christian girl for a permanent relationship. Oy!

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