There are no stupid questions!

Ask and ye shall receive!

LOL/JK.  There are stupid questions! But your questions, dear readers, are never stupid.  (Unless your question is, “Should we get another?” and that’s just unacceptable). 

We’ve got a new batch of advise for you no account fools over at RVAmag.  On this week’s agenda: coworkers who blow shit, spring time Bacchanalia and Down Town Short Pump.  Live it. Learn it. Love it.

Peace out, bitches!


We’re Here to Help You!

With a little help from our closest gal pal, Joceyln Testes-Harder, we once again answered your important questions for the folks over at RVA Mag.  Do yourself a solid and check it out

Do you want advice from Cafe D and Ms. Testes-Harder?  We’re here to dispense our invaluable wisdom on topics such as: what to do when you get yelled at by someone who read about themselves on your blog and is now confronting you on a Friday night when you are M to the C Hammertimed (yes, that just happened) , the best ways to gossip and not get caught (if glove don’t fit, you must acquit) and how to steal free cable (porn included!).

Hit us up at and we’ll help YOU be the best person you can be!

Don’t ask the question if you don’t want the answer!

Us, working hard for you!

We clearly know what we’re talking about when it comes to drinking wine on a school night,  smoking like ladies and all around badassery. As such, those crazy cats over at RVA Magazine asked us to dispense our invaluable advice on their site, too! Squish!  Check it out at your workday leisure.  

Do you want our advice on how to make the sexy, get away with workday hangovers or how to rock Snuggies on a Friday night? Hit us up at    We make zero guarantees regarding the actual outcome but do promise that 90% of what we say is (mostly) legal in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Honduras!